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Spring 2015

Well, I tried to order trees.  Ordered a Dabinett and a Kingston Black for myself and a Spitzenberg for Aunt D and Uncle T.  The Spitzenberg was back ordered.  The other two were fresh grafts that hadn’t even lived a year yet.  It was unacceptable.  I want trees that are healthy and something I won’t have to worry as much about.  These were not it.  Mailed them back and am awaiting a refund.

My trees are doing quite well this spring.  I have apples on ALL of them!  Even the Northern Spy has two apples.  The Newton Pippin has a few this year after nothing at all.  The one tree that has gone down in production this year is the Ashmead’s Kernal.  It only has one apple.  I noticed that it didn’t have a ton of blossoms and it was blooming during the time we had multiple days of rain.  Two nights ago I thinned it out a bit.

As far as issues with the trees, I had to kill a bunch of worm looking things.  My uneducated guess is that it was leafrollers.  They had pulled in tight a bunch of leaves and were eating the leaves as well as some of the fruit that had set.  Smashed them with my fingers…those dirty rotten bugs!  How dare they try to mess up my fruit?  hahaha.  Hoping to make some cider from all the apples I harvest this year.  Maybe I can get a gallon or two.

I pruned the trees in February.  I also went to my mom’s house and trimmed their trees as well in hopes that I can get some apples from them.  Want to make some sort of foraged apple cider.


Spring/Summer Update 2014

This past winter was incredibly cold.  One of the coldest that I can ever remember.  That being said, I think it affected the trees.  There weren’t very many blossoms this year.  The Ashmead’s Kernel did well and the Hauer Pippin is doing alright.  The Cox’s Orange Pippin, after the awesome crop for a 2nd year tree last season, has two apples on it.  The White Permain has zero.  The Northern Spy has zero.   The Newton Pippin is recovering from being eaten by the deer and being in a low spot.  The Braeburn tree died.

This year is more about maintenance than anything.  It’s busy around the Cottrell Orchard in regards to family.  I did trim the  trees in March.  That might have had some affect on the trees.  Nothing else planted in the orchard because it all died last year.

It’s Been A While

I know it’s been over a month since I last updated.  Not a whole lot has been going on.  I did get another tree from a friend who was going to toss it out, but I didn’t water it as much as I should have initially, so it’s pretty brown.  I’ve been diligently watering it now so I’m hoping it lives.  My plan is to graft different apples on the ends so it will give me some variety when I go to harvest.

Also, I tilled the area again.  It looks better with no grass and weeds growing.  The same guy who gave me the tree is also giving me a bunch of mulch.  I plan on covering as much as I can with the mulch I get, after I put a nice ring around each of the trees.  All of the trees (except the mystery tree that I was given) look great.  Even the Northern Spy, which I had figured was dead, has leaved out and is doing well.  It leaved out in the past three weeks or so.  Terry Moore from Moore Orchards in Midland told me that his Northern Spies took 16 years to come to fruition.  I hope that’s not the case.  My daughter will be getting ready to graduate high school by the time I get some apples!

We are planning on planting some things in the middle of the trees this weekend.  I will be putting in some pumpkins and maybe another plant or two.  It should help with everything and make it look more like a garden than some tiny trees.

I’ve named another one of my trees.  The Ashmead’s Kernel will be named CRog, after Charles Rogers.  I named it that because of the apple itself.  They say that when this apple is on, it’s fantastic.  Conversely, when it’s a bad year, the apples are pretty bad.  Seems like Charles Rogers to me!  When he was good, he was amazing.  When he was off, all you could do is shake your head and asked what happened.