Working In The Evening

Like I have been for the past month or so, tonight after my wife went to bed I worked on apple  tree stuff.  Since the trees will be here pretty soon, I figure I should get some of the planning finished.  Trying to figure out how best to lay out the trees.  Ideally, I want to have a wide middle path between the two lines of trees.  This is because of two factors.

  • I would like to be able to walk in between the trees while they are blooming and have plenty of room to move and admire the beauty of the trees.
  • If the rows are a bit wider, I will have room to move a ladder between trees quickly and efficiently.

This method should let me experience what a real orchard would be like if I were to walk down a row in between trees.  If I should ever decide to try and grow a few acres, i’ll totally be ready…to walk among the trees.  Only have a few more things to learn…you know, soil, pruning, how to treat the trees organically but still take care of diseases and bugs.  There is only EVERYTHING left to learn!  Everyone has to start somewhere I suppose.


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