Well, I ordered my first apple trees yesterday from  This is something i’ve been wanting to do for about seven years.

I was going to plant one at my old house, but decided not to because of a few reasons.  #1 – it would be in the dog yard.  I didn’t want my dogs eating the apples.  The greyhound we had then, Chase, would have LOVED it though.  He loved apples.  #2 – the huge maple tree wouldn’t have allowed it to get much light.  I know they need plenty of sunlight to grow and the huge trees in the yard would have stunted the growth.

The thing I thought was interesting about Trees of Antiquity is the trees they have.  Most of them are heirloom varieties, so they aren’t ones you will just go find in the store.  I’ve thought about putting in a Granny Smith and a Braeburn, but for my first attempt at growing apple trees, I figured something a little different was in order.  I was able to procure six heirloom apple trees, they are as follows.

  1. Hauer Pippin
  2. Cox’s Orange Pippin
  3. Newton Pippin
  4. Ashmead’s Kernel
  5. White Pearmain
  6. Northern Spy

In addition, I bought starter kids for them all, which include branch spreaders, tags, and fertilizer.

The trees won’t be shipped for a while still.  It could be a month before they actually get to me.  In the meantime, i’ve been posing questions to as many apple people as I can.  One of the emails I sent was to the Michigan State Extension office in Flint.  I have also sent an email to the owners of Eastman’s Antique Apples.  They have a 15 acre orchard in the Breckenridge area with about 1,500 different varieties.  This summer/fall, I hope to purchase a bunch of apples from them so I can taste a bit the crazy different types of apples that are out there.  Michigan is near the top in the United States for apple growing.  Hopefully I will be able to utilize the knowledge of these people to make my tiny home orchard into a fruitful one!


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